The Brink of Desolation

It begins at the end of the hundred year war on a hill in Cyre, at the site of a great battle.

Cyre’s soldiers are greatly outnumbered by Breland’s forces, and Breland has been pushing Cyre back for months now. It seems Breland will soon overcome the country and take it for occupation.

You have been gathered on this hill, on this day, either together or separately, and for whatever reason.

You are about to become a part of Eberron’s history. A story which will be told for all time; you will be the sole witnesses to it.

The war will soon end, but at a heavy cost. You will endure for another purpose, of which you will one day become aware.

After this day, although you may have been strangers, you will be bound together by a heavy burden, and a horrific loss.

Four years to the day, you will all gather again in Sharn, the city of Towers, and be brought together by fate once more to fulfill a prophecy.

Five at the brink of the desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.

The Brink of Desolation

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