The Brink of Desolation

Four Years Later…

It is four years since the tragedy in Cyre. The war has ended, and a fragile peace treaty has been agreed upon by the remaining four nations. The Treaty of the Thronehold has also recognized several splinters of land as sovereign nations, including Darguun. Thousands of Cyran refugees have been displaced, with most settling either along the border regions of Thrane or in and around Sharn, in Breland.


Since the end of the last war, a not-so-secret arms race has begun by the remaining four nations. Each of the nations believes that one of the others created the Day of Mourning as a massive weapon. Now each country is using much of their resources to build armies, and devote research to great destructive elemental and eldritch weapons. Spies also run rampant feeding the paranoia of the governments and kings.

On this morning, at daybreak, as if by fate’s hand, each of the party members have converged on this spot in Sharn; a roof ledge along side one of the many towers in the city, at a memorial service for those lost in Cyre on this day four years ago.

Amid dignitaries, officials, and ambassadors, the group spots each other. There is a moment of joyous celebration as they update each other on what they have been up to for the past four years since parting ways.

Kestor has continued his mission of vengeance, and his search for his long lost brother has brought him back to Sharn, but the trail has recently run cold.

Chiseler has been continuing his quest to find out who he was before he died, and was reborn by the Raven Queen. This quest has mysteriously brought him to Sharn.

Tordek has continued his studies as a mortician, and has been apprenticing at a mortuary in Sharn for the past few years.

Helper, along with Elyas, has returned to Sharn, using the Truespark clan as a home base of sorts, as the two continue to search for clues of their missing father.

The celebration is interrupted though as a door on the far side of the balcony is thrown open, and a wafting grey mist enters. Shrieks and screams can be heard as the party is once again united in battle.

The mist moves onto the balcony and takes form. Gnashing smoky jaws appear, and horns occasional form within the grey mist. The heroes take action. Battling the haunt, they are able to destroy it, but not before it claims some of the bystanders as its victims.

As the haunt is destroyed it dissipates into the ground, but not before briefly forming the symbol seen in the prophecy mark four years ago, at the black tower.

Questions arise from the crowd as to what it was, and where it came from. The PCs immediately realize that the source of this demon must be found. Through a series of clues, and interviews the party finds themselves in front of a townhouse at the base of Dalannan Tower, in the Center Bridge district of the lower Menthis Plateau. The house looks ordinary enough, except upon close inspection they notice that a few small wisps of fog can be seen at the landing of the house, and the upper windows have been hastily boarded over.

The Helper and Kestor join together to try and break through the front door. After several attempts the wood gives way and they are through the front door. The interior appears to be a normal, expensively furnished, yet shabbily maintained home.

A group of goblins have quickly stood up from a card table and have drawn their weapons. The fight ensues. Guard drakes running from the adjacent rooms, and a gnoll stands at the back of the room firing arrows at the invaders. Eventually all are dispatched. As the room quiets, a sudden clanking, and what sounds like thunder, erupts from the floor above. Faintly, voices can be heard shouting, “Check over there! What’s happening?!”



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