The Brink of Desolation

Traversing Darguun

For several days the party travels over the Sauren mountain range, and into the goblin land of Darguun, until finally making there way to the capital city of Rhuukan Draal. Hoping to find passage onto a lightning rail back to Sharn, they pass through the black gates and enter the filthy, loud, and dank goblin stronghold. They find there way to a tavern called the Black Boot. Inside they encounter a band of warforged brigands. The warforged gang are deserters of the battles in Cyre, and came to Darguun to escape punishment and make a criminal name for themselves. After attempting to intimidate the party, they offer up some work. Most of the leaders of the dragonmarked house of Cannith perished in the recent rolling fog in Cyre. The house in now in disarray, and the Tinkerers guild in Rhukaan Draal have gone into hiding for fear of losing their lives or being held as slaves. This has left Cannith’s warehouse unprotected, along with its stash of highly valued Kyber dragonshards. The warforged want to break in and loot the warehouse. They offer the party in on the job for a cut of the dragonshards.

The party argues about it at some length, until an agreement is struck; they will take the job, and then make haste to Sharn.

The PCs head through a putrid and stagnant sewer system; up through a grating; and into the basement level of the warehouse. As they round the corner they realized that they weren’t the only ones with the same idea. Several goblins garbed in Cannith security uniforms are attempting to break open the vault’s elemental lock. Two of the guards are working with a small glowing cube that is trying to interact with the spirit in the lock. The party engages the security guards. Two battle apes are released that attack with fury. Several smaller goblins line the scaffolding, launching attacks with hand crossbows. Amid the fight, one of the guards tosses the cube toward the PCs which cracks open revealing a smoky elemental spirit that immediately begins to attack the PCs minds.

Once the battle is finished the warforged gang lumbers down the spiral staircase. They see the locked vault, and with one swift kick, crush in the doors. Inside resting in a small wooden chest are the dark purple-glowing dragonshards. The warforged sweep them up, and tell the PCs that their payment will be them being allowed to leave with their lives. With that the warforged attack the PCs with a flash that momentarily dazes the party, giving the warforged a quick moment to rush out of the building and into the busy streets. The PCs are quick to follow, and adeptly chase them through the throngs of goblins occupying the streets.

They finally catch up with the gang in the center of the market district. They square off with each other. In addition to the four warforged gang members, more than a half dozen hammerforged appear, ready to fight. The goblins in the square see what’s about to take place and flee the area.

The party battles there way through the warforged gang, using the dense market environment in their favor. Once the gang has been defeated, the local Ketch Volaar (Word Bearers) police force arrives. As the hobgoblins begin to examine the bodies, the head of the group, Taagaan, steps forward and thanks the party for taking care of these criminals. He explains that local guard had been looking for them for some time, but to no avail. He offers the party a reward of 100gp as the guards collect the dragonshards hidden on the body. He asks if he may be of any assistance to the heroes, and they tell him of how they are attempting to get aboard a lightening rail back to Sharn to deliver Aric to his family. Taagaan offers some forged travelling papers and assists the group aboard a rail out of the country.

Once on the rail the PCs take a much needed breather. Unfortunately, near the border of Thrane, Ketch Sharaat (Blade Bearers) goblins mounted on warwing drakes suddenly flank the sides of the train. Heavy footsteps can be heard on the roof and the sound of breaking glass comes from the front as soldiers take over the lead car. The Pcs move forward to the controller car, only to see the hobgoblin bandits drag the captain from his seat and start to push him up a ladder toward the roof of the car. The players are able to kill the minions before they get him up through the hatch, and, free, he runs through the doorway toward the rear of the train.

After defeating the goblins in the car, they party hurries up the ladder, and onto the roof, where they encounter a hobgoblin warcaster along with two warwing drakes that he is controlling. The party battles the warcaster, and is intermittently attacked by the drakes. Once the warcaster is defeated, the drakes are freed from his control and fly away.

Control of the lightning rail is regained, and the party safely makes their way back to Sharn. Bren parts ways, thanking them for their help.

Aric is delivered to his family, who rewards them with gold. Just before closing the door to the house, Aric looks back at the PCs and utters the first words they’ve heard from him, “Five at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.”



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